Meet Palmer’s

The Palmer legacy began in 1850 when Levi Palmer and his partner, noted fish culturist Seth Green, started the business together. In 1850, they opened the Centre Market on Front Street in downtown Rochester. It was in the days before refrigerated trucks and boxcars, at a time when freshwater fish caught from the Great Lakes was top quality and in demand. They also employed fishmongers with horse drawn wagons and sold the day’s catch to individuals as well as local hotels and restaurants. Eventually, Green left to pursue his interests in raising freshwater trout and in later years started the New York State Fish Hatchery. Levi stayed with the business and became the founder of Palmer Fish Company.

Before Wegman’s, before Kodak, before Midtown Plaza—there was Palmers. Before electric street lights, postal carriers and even local telephone service—there was Palmers. Being the oldest family owned and operated business in Rochester gives Palmer Foods a place in history. But it is our high standards of customer service and relentless dedication to quality that gives Palmer Foods a place at your dinner table.

It’s not often that a company can stay in business for 163 years, and it’s even less probable that it would continuously be operated by the same family. But such is the legacy of Palmer Foods. From the early days of the horse-and-wagon vendor to the current 20 fully refrigerated trucks operation, Palmers has stood the test of time.

Palmer Food Services has expanded through acquisition as well as organic growth and is now a broad line food service distributor, handling everything from appetizers to desserts. Palmer’s currently supplies over 1,000 restaurants and institutions with the finest and freshest meat, poultry and
seafood along with over 8,000 other items including frozen foods, groceries, dairy, produce and paper products plus coffee and beverages, kitchen supplies and more. The total distribution area is from Buffalo/Niagara Falls to Oswego, including Albany and Ithaca Palmer’s employs a total of 165 people and has 20 delivery trucks. With a growing demand for all natural “never ever” products, Palmer’s has continued to expand their offerings to include brands like Smart Chicken, and Eden Farms. We are also one of the few companies in the area licensed to sell Certified Angus Beef ® brand.

Only Palmers offers all 12 varieties of Tony Carretta sausage, which is prepared by Tony and his team on the premises at Jefferson Road. This all natural line of fresh sausage has recently been certified a “Pride of New York” manufacture.

The opening of the brand new Direct To You Market at 900 Jefferson Road in 2009 is another benchmark in Palmer’s 163 years of dedication to serving their customers. Patrons can get all their quality meats, poultry and seafood right out of the case or hand cut to order.