2900 Monroe Avenue

Rochester, NY 14618



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Hours of Operation

Mon. 7am - 9pm
Tue. 7am - 9pm
Wed. 7am - 9pm
Thu. 7am - 9pm
Fri. 7am - 9pm
Sat. 11am - 9pm
Sun. 11am - 8pm

A little bit about us...

After months of pondering about what was missing from the Rochester restaurant scene, we had a brainstorm: "Let's take a dinner staple and develop it into a specialty restaurant!" After Halfmoon Creative Salads was born. Our chopped salads perfectly combine all the wonderful, garden-fresh taste of good, wholesome vegetables for the fullest, most satisfying salad eating experience. We dress our salads with our own daily made salad dressings.
The kitchen tool we use for all this chopping is a mezzaluna, which means "half moon" in Italian... so that seemed like the perfect name for our farm-fresh, made to order, totally customizable and completely delicious salads.... and our restaurant.
We wanted to bring you the finest produce, a fun experience as you watch your customized salad being created and a tasty, healthy alternative fast food. With all these luscious flavors and crunchy textures, we are committed to giving our customers a healthy and happy eating experience and yes, we do also keep an eye on the calorie count, for those of you who want that.
For those who like to eat with their hands, we decided to cuddle our chopped salads into a wrap. Lip smacking good! Our soups, though you will need a spoon, as each soup is handmade daily for a savory and tummy warming pick-me-up, perfect for those chilly fall or winter days.